Sweet Addictions Bake Shop LLC

P1010322Welcome to Sweet Addictions Bake Shop!

Take a look at some of the creative creations by cake artist, Diana Green, including the cake that inspired the Sweet Addictions logo!

PLEASE give us as MUCH notice as possible for orders! Minimum of a week is preferred!We say Yes as much as we can to orders, but there are times when we cannot add anything else to the list.

We make anything you want, if you order ahead! Pies, Cookies, Cake truffles, Cake pops, Sticky Buns, Scones… You can even bring us YOUR recipe and we will make it for you!

ADDRESS: 701 Court Street, West Reading, PA 19611

We are located at the corner of Seventh Ave and Court Street, West Reading (VF outlets). Turn Onto Seventh Ave and we are between Penn Ave and Reading Ave, We are half way, With parking out Front.



PHONE: 610-406-8347

 E-mail: Sweetaddictionsbakeshop@yahoo.com




Thursday9AM – 5PM

Friday9AM – 5M

Saturday9AM – 5PM

Sunday9AM – 5PM

However, anytime the light is on, the baker is in.  If our OPEN sign is lit, stop in anytime!